Cana Collective is a culmination of serendipity and passion.  Our hearts beat for curating the events and experiences that fill rooms with laughter, faces with smiles and hearts with overflowing joy.  We are dreamers, wanderers, and relentless pursuers. We are a collective of creatives, inspired by the world and people around us. We are committed to authenticity, to raw beauty, and to unforgettable moments.


Nothing short of happenstance brought us together. We work hard and we play hard.  We laugh, we cry, and we love the heck out of our clients. 



Hi friends! It’s Kaly here. I have been married for over 2 years and have the best guy around. I love Jesus, have lived in San Diego for 10 years (never leaving, ever), always want to be traveling and I love meeting new people. Oh, I also love French fries. A lot. It is a joy that I get to work alongside clients to see their dreams realized. So blessed to support couples in their engagement season. The best is yet to come! 



Hello Humans! I'm Chelsea.  I'm a San Diego native on route to just about everywhere.  Proudly wifed up in the Summer of 2017 to a total dime piece.  I am a Jesus follower, dream believer, and adventure seeker with a major passion for people - and food.  Creating memories sets my soul on fire.  My clients are my friends, my family, and my absolute faves.  Cannot wait to walk alongside you on this journey!